Since January 2010 I work for Credit Suisse in Zurich.

From January 2010 until mid of 2011 I worked in a globally operating team on topics like enterprise architecture management and operating the central enterprise architecture management tool. This is a list of topics I worked on:

  • Acted as single point of contact for all matters regarding Credit Suisse' global IT architecture management tool, which is based on planningIT from alfabet, for the regions Switzerland, EMEA and APAC as well as IT Private Bank, Asset Management and CS Trust. CATI, which stands for Continuous Architecture and Technology Improvement, holds the data from the complete Credit Suisse's application landscape with over 7’000 applications and over 1’000 infrastructure products that are maintained by around 6’000 users. Its data, for example application and release information, life cycles, technical standards, is used in over 100 systems ranging from systems management, support, change management to accounting and project portfolio and resource management.
  • Successfully managed a CATI release, including requirements negotiation with business partners.
  • Created and conducted successfully the first yearly CATI user survey capturing CATIs user perception to identify potential areas for process, training, communication as well as technical improvements and presented these results in various management meetings.
  • Developed and successfully introduced globally the concepts for Business Functions, Capabilities, Business Support (Business-IT-Alignment) and Information Flows.
  • Introduced and established across the IT organization data visualization techniques for architecture analysis, documentation and communication purposes.
  • Established and facilitated knowledge with other European planningIT customers and organized regular in person meetings.
  • Successfully taken over the CDM facilitator role and organized and executed two CDM change rounds.
  • Created example-driven guidelines for documenting applications consistently in CATI and provide users guidance during the depiction and documentation process.

Since mid of 2011 I'm working as a business architect in the global business architecture and innovation team working on these topics:

  • Successfully supported a Credit Suisse platinum project in defining a common target operating model (TOM) for the three global operating, divisional (Investment Banking, Private Banking und Risk, Finance and Corporate Systems) Production and Testing Groups (PTGs).
  • Executed and lead the Combined Domain Model (CDM) Competence Center. The CDM is Credit Suisse’s global and enterprise wide IT domain model used to manage and organize its complex application landscape by breaking it down into smaller, functional oriented domains and sub-domains.
  • Tool support definition for Credit Suisse’s global business architecture and evaluation of leading enterprise architecture management tools.
  • Successfully developed and implemented a concept to manage and maintain multiple business capability models and an enterprise business function catalog as a common basis.
  • Development of a meta model for Credit Suisse’s global business architecture together with a supplementary glossary as an extension to the business architecture method.

In August 2013 I moved to the Private Banking Whealth Management and Shared Services Functional Architecture. In this organization I lead the group Complexity and Analytics. We are working on the following topics:

  • Global IT Model used for managing Credit Suisse's application landscape
  • Concepts on IT architecture planning
  • Application Retirement Dashboard
  • Complexity Management Dashboard

I left Credit Suisse at the end of December 2015.